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Somia's Ma'Ji (mother) holding a Gajra (a bracelet made of roses). Photo taken at Bulay Shah's shrine in Punjab, Pakistan, 2020

Knives and Forks – IWD2023

How do we go about building spaces where women feel welcome, empowered, and energized? Somia gives her thoughts on the topic through things done at Narratives Inc. and things picked up from life.

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Image focusing on a bordered fence of cylindrical wooden planks with alternating heights.

What is a Border?

Joyce reflects on her interpretation of the question “what is a border?” after attending an inspiring panel session at the Eco Impact Learning and Award Series.

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Orange flower pot on a table, with a blurred background of a street.

Who the F* is responsible?

What does it mean to foster personal responsibility for your mental health? In this article, Somia parts her year-end wisdom on the importance of nurturing one’s mental wellness.

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A large conference room with people sitting at tables facing a speaker on a stage.

Continuing Momentum into 2023

A message of encouragement and gratitude for those supporting the Sacred work that Survivors and Indigenous communities are leading to recover the children who were never returned home from Indian Residential Schools.

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The Treaties Series For Education.

Treaties Recognition Week

Some of you may find yourself asking, what even are Treaties? Is there more than one? And if so, are they all the same? And those are all really great questions to start a conversation.

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