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Narratives Inc.'s National Truth and Reconciliation window display featuring orange paper cutouts of children holding hands, organized neatly in rows of 6. Text in the bottom left reads, "Before reconciliation comes truth."

Before Reconciliation Comes Truth

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – Before Reconciliation Comes Truth. Narratives’ staff reflect on how truth is the first step needed for true reconciliation.

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Steven sat in a circle with community members, all smiling and laughing together.

Engagement Principles

In this post, our Project Director and Senior Planner, Paul Bell, speaks about the sacred responsibilities and principles of community engagement.

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A pair of sunglasses lay in the middle of an open book. The book is laying on a beige blanket that has been placed on the grass.

Seven Books to Read This Summer

Summer is here. Do you need a book recommendation? Look no further, Narratives team members have pulled together a selection of thoughtful reads for you to bring wherever the sunshine takes you.

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