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Capacity Building

Current Projects

Two hands hold a turtle shell with sage while two other hands are striking matches and lighting the sage.

Victims of Crime

Clan Mothers Inc.

March 2021 – Current

Orange and yellow sticky notes stick to a white wall. A woman with black hair is pointing at one of the sticky notes.

Trauma-Informed Training

Narratives Inc.

September 2021 – Current

A group of Indigenous women gathering as a group to pose for a picture after the opening ceremony of the Clan Mothers Healing Village project. They are dressed in ribbon skirts and and red headbands.

Clan Mothers Healing Village and Knowledge Centre

Clan Mothers Inc.

May 2017 – Current

Five Indigenous men wearing t-shirts and ball caps sit on red chairs in a circle while they drum on a large drum in the middle. They are sitting inside a large wooden ceremonial building.

Anishinaabe Aki Kakendamowin – Phase 2

Niiwin Wendaanimok Partnership

April 2020 – Current

An Anishinaabe drum sits on a grassy field. In the foreground is a container for smudging. Empty chairs are in the background.

Harmonized Impact Assessment – Phase 2

Niiwin Wendaanimok Partnership

April 2020 – Current

Kaatagoging Residential School Survivors Initiative logo

Kaatagoging: Residential School Survivors Initiative

Wauzhushk Onigum Nation

July 2021 – Current

Nee Kee Wa Nan initiative logo

Nee Kee Wa Nan: We're Going Home Initiative

Fort Albany First Nation

December 2021 – Current

Bikiiwewinig Nindawaashishiiminaanak logo

Bikiiwewinig Nindawaashishiiminaanak: Bringing Our Children Home Initiative

Lac Seul First Nation

August 2021 – Current

A beaded and quilled hat made for the initiative ceremony sits on a brightly coloured striped blanket.

Nisoonag Partnership: Bringing Home Our Children

Serpent River First Nation | Sagamok Anishinabek | Mississauga First Nation

July 2021 – Current

Dakota Tipi Residential School Survivor Initiative logo

Dakota Tipi First Nation: Residential School Survivors Initiative

Dakota Tipi First Nation

December 2021 – Current

Yellow moccasins with star beading and gray rabbit fur.

Horden Hall IRS Survivors Initiative – Phase 1

Moose Cree First Nation

June 2022 – Current

A feather hangs from a red cloth wrapped staff. Another staff like it sits in the background. Partial arms of men drumming can be seen beside the staffs.

Settlement Trust Development Planning

Washagamis Bay First Nation

January 2021 – Current

A woman stands beside a flip chart pointing to a drawing of a child done by the youth at Dakota Tipi. A couple of the youth are seen sitting facing the woman.

Childcare Law & Capacity Building

Dakota Tipi First Nation

August 2021 – Current

Side view of an Indigenous man wearing a red and white headdress with glasses and a dark blue polo shirt.

Manito Aki Inakonigaawin (MAI) Documentary

Grand Council Treaty #3

October 2022 – Current

A man sits in a chair while wearing a large beaded necklace that has the Grand Council Treaty #3 logo and the medicine wheel colours around it.

Anishinaabe Video Series

Grand Council Treaty #3

October 2022 – Current

A branch of red berries sits in focus. Blurred in the background are beige tall grasses and bare trees.

Narratives Inc. Website

Narratives Inc.

March 2021 – Current

A forest in early fall on the edge of a lake in the midst of a sunset

Kashechewan IRS Survivors Initiative – Phase 1

Kashechewan Cree First Nation

November 2022 – Current

Past Projects

A member of the HEART team and a donor stand outside in winter looking out on to a frozen lake.

HEART Team Donor Video

Hutterian Emergency Aquatic Response Team

September 2021 – August 2022

An Indigenous man dances in full traditional regalia at sunset.

Niiwin Wendaanimok Partnership Website

Niiwin Wendaanimok Partnership

November 2020 – January 2021

Pine trees stand on the rocky shore of a lake. Large billowing clouds cover half the sky and are reflected clearly in the water. The sun is starting to set which casts a warm glow on the scenery.

Shoal Lake 40 First Nation Website

Shoal Lake 40 First Nation

February 2021 – May 2021

First Nation animal illustrations and atom illustrations create a pattern on a green background. White text in the center says, Grand Council Treaty #3 Nuclear 101 Guidebook.

Nuclear 101 Guidebook

Grand Council Treaty #3

January 2021 – June 2021

An elderly Indigenous man wearing a ball cap and a black jacket with high visibility stripes draws in the snow with a stick. A group of Indigenous adults and youth stand in a row in front of him and watch him draw. They are outside in winter on a snowy road.

Indigenous Guardians Program

Niiwin Wendaanimok Partnership

April 2020 – March 2022

Illustrated trees and mountains sit at the bottom third of the image. The background is a dull blue with topographical lines. In the center there is an orange circle with a darker orange map outline of Ontario Manitoba. Over the circle and map there is text that reads "Treaty #3 Land Managers Toolkit Presented by Grand Council Treaty #3"

Lands Manager Toolkit & Training Program

Grand Council Treaty #3

March 2021 – May 2022

A yellow CAT excavator sits beside a highway under construction. A smaller bulldozer sits to the left of it. Behind the machines sits large concrete pipes.

Highway 673 Improvement Project

Shoal Lake 40 First Nation

December 2020 – February 2021

The image is taken overlooking a man in a black sweater's shoulder. He is drawing on housing blueprints on a light wooden table. Coloured pens in a pen holder and drafting supplies sit on the table.

Housing Development Concept Planning

Shoal Lake 40 First Nation

January 2019 – January 2020

Aerial view of mining trucks in an open pit mine.

Mining Ed 101

Narratives Inc.

March 2019 – December 2020

An Indigenous person stands with their back facing you. They are wearing their hair back in a single braid and they have on a bright red jacket with "No more stolen relatives" written in white on the back. A person wearing a tan jacket and blue jeans is walking towards brown grassy hills in the background.

Congress of Aboriginal Peoples Missing and Murdered Indigenous Men and Boys

Congress of Aboriginal Peoples

March 2021 – December 2021

An Indigenous man's arm and hand extend from the left side of the image. An Indigenous youth wearing a yellow t-shirt, denim long sleeved over shirt, a pink bracelet and a blue bracelet is placing their hand in the palm of the other man's.

Anti-Oppression and Reconciliation Strategy

Main Street Project

April 2021 – September 2021

A teenage boy sits on a couch with white sheets and a pillow. He is in a white room with picture frames and decorative wooden houses sitting on shelves. There is a window above the boy's head with a light brown wooden frame and shutters. The room is slightly dark with the only light coming from the window.

Youth Aging Out of Care and Housing Insecurity in Treaty #3

Grand Council Treaty #3

April 2021 – September 2021

We see below a workstation at a child's height. A mother is comforting her child while working. You can imagine she may be on a work call and is keep the child quiet.

Social Determinants of Health

Grand Council Treaty #3

February 2021 – April 2021

Aerial view of the Whiteshell Laboratories and Lab grounds.

Psychosocial Impact Assessment

Sagkeeng First Nation

May 2020 – December 2020

A yellow tractor with a large front bucket stands in the middle at the bottom of a quarry. Piles of yellow dirt surround the tractor.

Washagamis Bay Mining Education Program

Washagamis Bay First Nation

January 2021 – February 2021

A large metal communications tower stands in the center of the image. Two birds circle it. The sun is setting behind the clouds in the background.

Public Safety Communications Services

Bell MTS

March 2019 – May 2020

A woven straw basket sits on a plaid blanket on the floor. Feathers, sticks with ribbon tied around them, colourful cloth and loose ribbon sit inside the bowl.

Cultural Awareness Training

City of Kenora

November 2019

Close up of two staffs with feathers standing beside a large drum. Hands of men drumming with sticks circle around the drum. A group of Indigenous elders watch in the background.

Harmonized Impact Assessment – Phase 1

Niiwin Wendaanimok Partnership

July 2019 – March 2020

A paper woven bowl and two birch bark bowls containing orange slices sit in the grass with sage smoke drifting around them.

Anishinaabe Aki Kakendamowin – Phase 1

Niiwin Wendaanimok Partnership

January 2019 – March 2020

A yellow semi truck is parked on the grass beside a large stack of pipes. A machine with a long mechanical arm loads pipes on to the back of the semi truck. A man stands in a high visibility vest and white hard hat a couple feet away watching the pipes being loaded on. It is summer.

Line 3 Indigenous Labour Brokering Program

Running Deer Resources

January 2018 – August 2019

A sign reading "Welcome to Shoal Lake No. 40 Home of the Flyers" with an image of an eagle head and four feathers stands on a lawn with dandelions. A trailer, a house and a road sit in the background.

Environmental Screening: Centre of Excellence

Shoal Lake 40 First Nation

January 2018 – September 2018

A map of Shoal Lake 40 First Nation with different coloured circular markers lies on a table. Three hands are in the picture pointing at parts of the map.

Capital Projects Planning

Shoal Lake 40 First Nation

June 2017 – October 2017

A field with dried out yellow pea plants. The sky is blue with wisps of white clouds.

Portage Pea Project

Roquette Canada Ltd.

November 2017 – May 2017

June 2017 – May 2020

Two men in high visibility shirts and yellow hard hats pull at a tarp. Behind the men a dump truck is tipping it's bucket up into the air and offloading a pile of large rocks while a tractor pushes the pile behind it.

Freedom Road Project

Shoal Lake 40 First Nation

March 2015 – May 2017