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Lands Manager Toolkit &
Training Program

Grand Council Treaty #3

March 2021 – May 2022

Stewardship of the land is a practice undertaken in Treaty #3 territory since Time Immemorial. Although these practices had been interrupted by settler society and the imposition of colonial laws, First Nations and Indigenous organizations like Grand Council Treaty #3 have made significant progress in reclaiming this right and responsibility. Lands Management expertise and capacity has therefore become increasingly important in recent years as communities seek to understand, prepare for, and take advantage of opportunities as they relate to development within their territory. It is a critical piece of Grand Council Treaty #3’s objective to support the Nation in the exercise of inherent jurisdiction, sovereignty, Nation-building, traditional governance, and self-determination.

Narratives is responsible for developing and delivering a Lands Manager Toolkit and Lands Manager Capacity Training Program. The purpose of the Program is to increase capacity and resources within member communities in relation to Impact Assessment and Environmental Assessment processes at the federal and provincial levels, and to facilitate increased participation and collaboration in activities proposed or occurring in their territory.


View the Toolkit here

Illustrated trees and mountains sit at the bottom third of the image. The background is a dull blue with topographical lines. In the center there is an orange circle with a darker orange map outline of Ontario Manitoba. Over the circle and map there is text that reads Treaty #3 Land Managers Toolkit Presented by Grand Council Treaty #3

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