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Victims of Crime

Clan Mothers Inc.

March 2021 – Current

Under the leadership of Clan Mothers Enterprises, this project focuses on establishing Social Enterprises to sustain the Clan Mothers Healing Village. Guided by a Lived Experience Council and in responding to input and direction from lived experience folkx, the project will reflect on best practices for creating a training and mentorship program, establish a pilot for the program, assess viability of the program, and launch and evaluate the selected social enterprise.

Two hands hold a turtle shell with sage while two other hands are striking matches and lighting the sage.

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A group of Indigenous women gathering as a group to pose for a picture after the opening ceremony of the Clan Mothers Healing Village project. They are dressed in ribbon skirts and and red headbands.

Clan Mothers Healing Village and Knowledge Centre

Clan Mothers Inc.

May 2017 – Current

A hand drum lays in the grass. On the drum is painted a purple and blue turtle.


Clan Mothers Inc.

June 2022 – Current

Small red tobacco ties with yellow string sit on a gray folding table.

Nee Kee Wa Na Healing Journey

Fort Albany First Nation

February 2022 – July 2022