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Nisoonag Partnership: Bringing Home Our Children

Serpent River First Nation | Sagamok Anishinabek | Mississauga First Nation

July 2021 – Current

This initiative entails carrying out an Archaeological Overview Assessment and Ground Penetrating Radar (“GPR”) Field Survey of the grounds in the vicinity of the former school site to find unmarked remains and uncover the truth. The initiative will be led by Serpent River First Nation and the survivors who attended the Spanish Indian Residential Schools: St. Peters Claver School for Boys and St. Joseph’s School for Girls. This includes the communities of Sagamok Anishinabek Nation, Mississauga First Nation and Serpent River First Nation.

Old black and white photo of one of the Spanish Indian Residential Schools on the shores of a lake.

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An old black and white film photograph that has been tinted slightly purple. Two Caucasian priests wearing glasses crouch down beside an Indigenous mother and her baby that is laying in a cloth swing. The swing is strung up between two trees outdoors. Two young Indigenous boys stand near also looking at the baby. A clothes line and tent can be seen in the background.

Kaatagoging: Residential School Survivors Initiative

Wauzhushk Onigum Nation

July 2021 – Current

A black and white photo of rows of beds inside a residential school. The beds are white metal frames with striped blankets. Each bed has a small night stand beside it. Four rows of beds can be seen.

Garden River: Residential School Survivor Initiative

Garden River First Nation

December 2021 – Current

A nun stands at the back of a classroom in between a row of Indigenous school kids who are reading from open books while sitting at desks. The photo is in black and white.

Fort Albany: Bring Our Children Home Initiative

Fort Albany First Nation

December 2021 – Current