Principal Partner, Environmental Planner

Somia is a Certified Environmental Professional (EP) and a Registered Professional Planner (RPP), specializing in Impact Assessment, Community Engagement, and Conflict Transformation informed and inspired by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

Her sectors of experience include community development, oil and gas, industrial manufacturing and processing, mining and resource extraction and processing, transportation and infrastructure development, and renewable energy.

Somia's portfolio includes a range of planning activities, including: strategic communications and planning, project management, environmental permitting, impact assessment, impact benefit agreements, monitoring and evaluation, socio-economic assessments, social programming, capacity building, risk evaluation, and development and execution of engagement programs.

Her research interests are in the areas of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC), and developing community-based Countering/Preventing Violent Extremism programs.

Conor SmithMSc MCP MCIP

Associate Planner

Conor is an associate planner specializing in land use planning and community engagement for policy, infrastructure, and physical development projects. With experience providing services in Manitoba, Ontario, and Alberta, Conor keeps a diverse professional portfolio of projects servicing municipalities, provincial organizations, Indigenous communities, private firms, and individual clients.

He has provided his expertise in strategic public and stakeholder engagement to support development permitting, community visioning and capacity-building, and collaborative options and alternatives assessments. In the area of land use planning, Conor has experience in socioeconomic research and demographic profiling, housing needs assessment, lifecycle cost analysis, land use projection and needs assessment, and renewable and non-renewable resource development.

He has supported these projects with skills in design and visual communication to produce display boards, advanced layouts for reporting, project notification, and graphics; and geographic information system (GIS) mapping to produce existing and preferred land use figures, site plans and conceptual mock-ups, and to conduct development capability studies and other spatial analysis applications.

Heather WebbB.Env.St.

Environmental Planner

Heather is an Environmental Planner with Narratives Inc. Heather holds a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Manitoba, majoring in Environmental Assessment and minoring in Indigenous Studies. Through academic coursework, Heather has obtained technical knowledge in areas of environmental assessment, sustainability, natural resource law and policy, and Indigenous community development. Heather has a background in environmental monitoring of hydroelectric developments, environmental programming and event development, and environmental reporting. Heather has a passion for meaningful and empowering community engagement, environmental stewardship, and rollerblading. Her work at Narratives includes conducting traditional knowledge interviews with Indigenous communities, data analysis, and impact assessment writing. She is also a member of the International Association for Impact Assessment, ECO Canada, and the Wildlife Society Manitoba Chapter. Heather has a love for the outdoors and spends her free time hiking within Manitoba's parks.

Eden KleinB. Env.Sc. Hons (Cand.)

Environmental Planner

Eden is an Environmental Planner with Narratives Inc. and has a passion for environmental stewardship and community engagement. Eden’s work with Narratives involves conducting traditional land use studies, facilitating engagement activities, analyzing qualitative data, and generating environmental reports. Eden is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Manitoba, focusing on environmental assessment. Through her academic coursework, Eden has obtained technical knowledge in areas of natural resource management, sustainable development, green building and design, and environmental legislation. Eden is currently conducting research as part of her Honours thesis to explore the potential for impact assessment to be used as a tool for reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

Alrika Rojas
Alrika RojasB. Env.Sc.

Environmental Planner

Alrika is an Environmental Intern with Narratives Inc. with a keen interest in community engagement and environmental health. With several years of environmental industry experience under her belt, Alrika has been involved in environmental site assessments, environmental monitoring, and horticultural management.

Over five years of experience in public relations has allowed Alrika to develop the necessary skills to facilitate environmental outreach and education. As an extension of this interest, Alrika is co-authoring a book exploring the role of personal care products, household products and pesticides on breast cancer development.

A highly motivated individual with a variety of communication and research skills, Alrika is outspoken in her passion for environmental justice and sits as a member of the board of civil society organization Prevent Cancer Now. Alrika loves to volunteer her time in her community and enjoys dividing her free time between building knowledge through reading and spending time with her family.

Claire WoodburyB.Sc.

Environmental Planner

Claire is an Environmental Planner with Narratives Inc., coming from the field of science education and public engagement. Educated at the University of Manitoba, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with a minor in Anthropology. Her degree focus was in the evolution and biodiversity of our world, from the small scale to the ecosystem level. Her anthropology background helps her connect the human world to the natural one.

Claire has over ten years of experience in communication and public engagement, developing educational programs and interpreting natural environments in national parks, museums and organizations across Manitoba. Claire is excited to bring her skills and experience in engagement to a new position at Narratives Inc. and gain a better understanding of environmental assessment in action.

Outside of work, Claire volunteers for various organizations and causes; advocating for environmental policy at the federal level, as well as in community engagement and community event planning. She enjoys reading, travelling and getting out in nature.

Hillary BeattieB.A.(Hons), M.Env., M.C.P. (Cand.)

Planning Intern

Hillary Beattie is a Planning Intern with Narratives Inc. She is currently finishing a Master of City Planning degree at the University of Manitoba.

Hillary has worked on documentary films and research projects focused on environmental sustainability. In 2018, she completed a Master of Environment degree at the University of Manitoba. As part of her thesis, she worked on a participatory film project about Indigenous cultural resurgence with the Heiltsuk Nation of Bella Bella, British Columbia. She has also worked on climate change adaptation projects with First Nations communities in Alberta.

Hillary is very interested in community engagement, sustainable development, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. She is a student member of the Manitoba Professional Planners Institute and the Canadian Institute of Planners.

MiloBA.Rk. W.Oof

Chief Happiness Officer, Head of Barketing

Milo is a wellness officer with Narratives. With six years of training in greeting under his collar, Milo is responsible for making our clients feel welcome and overseeing our team's well-being. Occasionally when he is not napping, or looking out the window for possible intruders, he sits in on our brainstorming sessions. Milo takes his job very seriously.

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