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Line 3 Indigenous Labour Brokering Program

Running Deer Resources

January 2018 – August 2019

Program involved provision and recruitment of Indigenous workforce for the Line 3 Replacement Project. The Line 3 Replacement Program, with a C$5.3-billion Canadian component and a US$2.9-billion American component, will fully replace 1,031 miles (1,660 kilometres) of Line 3 with new pipeline and associated facilities on either side of the Canada-U.S. international border. Narratives was responsible for Project Management and Coordination, reporting analytics, correspondence tracking and financial reporting.

A yellow semi truck is parked on the grass beside a large stack of pipes. A machine with a long mechanical arm loads pipes on to the back of the semi truck. A man stands in a high visibility vest and white hard hat a couple feet away watching the pipes being loaded on. It is summer.

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A yellow CAT excavator sits beside a highway under construction. A smaller bulldozer sits to the left of it. Behind the machines sits large concrete pipes.

Highway 673 Improvement Project

Shoal Lake 40 First Nation

December 2020 – February 2021

Two men in high visibility shirts and yellow hard hats pull at a tarp. Behind the men a dump truck is tipping it's bucket up into the air and offloading a pile of large rocks while a tractor pushes the pile behind it.

Freedom Road Project

Shoal Lake 40 First Nation

March 2015 – May 2017

Five Indigenous men wearing t-shirts and ball caps sit on red chairs in a circle while they drum on a large drum in the middle. They are sitting inside a large wooden ceremonial building.

Anishinaabe Aki Kakendamowin - Phase 2

Niiwin Wendaanimok Partnership

April 2020 – Current