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Territorial Review Services

Treaty #3 Nations

July 2022 – Current

This project involves supporting Treaty #3 Communities on activities being proposed within their Territory and traditional lands. The project entails screening for potential impacts to Inherent and Treaty Rights, and identifying opportunities for economic development and capacity building initiatives.

Various objects of offering lay on a blanket in the grass.

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A feather hangs from a red cloth wrapped staff. Another staff like it sits in the background. Partial arms of men drumming can be seen beside the staffs.

Settlement Trust Development Planning

Washagamis Bay First Nation

January 2021 – Current

An elder and two other Indigenous people point to places on a map that's on a table.

Seal River Watershed Traditional Knowledge Report

The Seal River Watershed Alliance

July 2021 – November 2021

Five Indigenous men wearing t-shirts and ball caps sit on red chairs in a circle while they drum on a large drum in the middle. They are sitting inside a large wooden ceremonial building.

Anishinaabe Aki Kakendamowin - Phase 2

Niiwin Wendaanimok Partnership

April 2020 – Current