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Pedestrians cross a crosswalk that is painted like a rainbow. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is in the background.

Pride in Winnipeg

As Pride month comes to a close, we would normally expect our streets to be filled with people celebrating the 2SLGBTQ+ community and pushing for progress. With pandemic restrictions in effect, Pride month looks a bit different this year, but we can take this pause to reflect on 2SLGBTQ+ histories in our city, promote an inclusive online space, and learn from 2SLGBTQ+ creators.

A narrow street with colourful flags from different countries hanging across the alley. A sign on the wall says Zansi. The sky is blue.

So You Want to Talk About Cultural Safety?

What is your Cultural Identity? What Implicit Biases influence the way you interact with the world around you? What is Cultural Safety, and how can we integrate it into the spaces in which we work, play, and relax? Let’s keep this conversation going. It’s time to talk about Cultural Safety.